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One of the most valued incentives of your CPHCC membership is its investment in education and training through an annual training conference.  The conference focuses on health care as it relates to employee benefits, as well as the impact of national health care reform, among other related topics.

How Sleep Loss is Killing America
Over the past decade, high performing individuals from athletes to executives have re-discovered the importance and personal impact of healthy sleep.
Health Beyond Health Care: Social Drivers of Health
There is more to health than health care alone. Health is determined by many factors including access to social and economic opportunities; the resources available in our homes, neighborhoods, and communities
Workplace Fitness & Wellness Programs That Work!
Employee wellness programs are the norm in workplaces today, but how do we identify and measure the meaningful metrics that show their positive impact and success?
Having a Voice; The Power of Advocacy
When you, or a loved one, are diagnosed with any type of illness, it is critically important to understand how to be your own best advocate or the best advocate for your loved one.
Vaping: Combating the Epidemic
This session will provide you with an overview of what vaping is, why is has become such a “big deal” and how vapes are used.
What is CPHCC?
Patrick Prezioso, CPHCC, retired
Wellness Includes the Wallet
Mike Gulker, Financial Wellness Specialist, Foresters Financial and Jeffrey Mizokawa, Assistant Vice President, Keenan
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