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CPHCC’s Value Based Programs Made Available to CPHCC Members


Teledoc Health

For convenient access to high-quality healthcare, millions of people around the world have connected with Teladoc Health virtual services. Members can resolve healthcare needs through on-demand or scheduled visits with licensed doctors spanning multiple specialties. After a visit, 92% of patients reported resolution, demonstrating convenience, outcomes, and value.

 With dozens of clinical services delivered through an integrated platform, Teladoc provides a full spectrum of virtual care capabilities. Teladoc Health serves as a convenient “front door” that connects members to the healthcare they need—from on-demand visits with licensed doctors to complex case consultations with the world’s top specialists.

Best Doctors, a Teladoc Health Company

Best Doctors brings together the leading medical minds in the world to make sure members have the right diagnosis and treatment. Members gain access to over 53,000 expert physicians, helping them make better-informed healthcare decisions, and helping control medical costs by ensuring healthcare dollars are expended on the right care.


Members also have access to a true clinical advocate at a time of great need, and with an average 45% change in diagnosis and a 74% impact on treatment, the quality impact on the healthcare being delivered is significant.



The CPHCC BridgeHealth Program gives self-insured health plans access to higher quality healthcare while reducing costs.  BridgeHealth is making value-based health care accessible by combining pre-negotiated case rate bundles for major surgery with high quality healthcare providers.   The BridgeHealth Surgery Benefit Program gives members access to top-rated providers across the country for planned surgeries. Their providers are recognized for high quality outcomes in their surgical specialties, which means members have a reduced chance of experiencing complications. With BridgeHealth’s contracted rates, members pay little to nothing for their surgery, and their Care Coordinators take care of almost everything members need to schedule and plan for surgery.


The BridgeHealth surgery benefit management program is an add-on to your existing health benefits.  The program is designed to enhance benefit packages, reduce healthcare costs for both plans sponsors and members, lessen administrative burden and improve surgical care and outcomes. 


As a member of the National Labor Alliance of Health Care Coalitions, the CPHCC BridgeHealth program offers significantly lower pricing than what an individual public agency or pool would otherwise have access to on their own.

Delta Dental

For nearly 70 years, Delta Dental has been a trusted leader in advancing oral health. Today, Delta Dental provides comprehensive, high-quality oral health coverage to more than 75 million satisfied members through one of the largest dentist networks in the country. Members enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that they’ll get the quality care they expect with a dentist who’s right for them —all from the brand that’s committed to being their partner in lifelong oral health. The CPHCC self-funded dental program is one of the largest public agency pools in California. CPHCC can offer your entity comprehensive dental coverage, with flexible benefit plan designs at the lowest self-funded administrative rate that Delta Dental offers in California. As a joint purchasing coalition, the CPHCC dental program can leverage the size of its pooled participants to achieve volume pricing that is significantly lower than what an individual school district or pool can receive on their own.






Member perks



EPIC Hearing Health Care

EPIC Hearing’s service plan is the nation’s first specialty care plan devoted entirely to hearing abilities. EPIC has the largest network of professional Audiologists and ENT physicians in the nation. In addition to high quality hearing services, EPIC provides valuable discounts on brand-name hearing aids from major manufacturers, as well as wellness rewards and a $0 hearing exam.


The EPIC Hearing Service Plans offer a variety options including fully insured, self-insure and value add discount plans.  As a member of the National Labor Alliance of Health Care Coalitions, the CPHCC EPIC Hearing Health Care program offers significantly lower pricing than what an individual public agency or pool would otherwise have access to on their own. 



Listen Hear



HealthSmartRx (HSRx) offers the Smart RxAssist program to reduce the financial burdens associated with specialty medications that are infused by a physician, home infusion provider or a facility and billed under the medical benefit. 

HSRx works with the plan sponsor and the health plan payer to modify plan design and coordinate out of pocket accumulators to maximize savings associated with manufacturer assistance programs. 

HSRx patient advocates proactively coordinate member enrollment into manufacturer assistance programs. These programs offered by drug manufacturing companies are a direct way to lower out-of-pocket costs for members and for plan sponsors.


Get started today! For more information, please contact Jon DeCapua at

MORE Health


MORE Health, a global digital health, provides peace of mind and confidence when you need it most—when facing a serious life-changing illness. Access the best medical minds, without leaving home or missing work. MORE Health delivers a diagnosis and recommended treatment plan from the nation’s top specialists through its proprietary Physician Collaboration Platform™.


By providing members access to virtual second opinions with the world’s leading experts, CPHCC member organizations can decrease healthcare costs by establishing the correct diagnosis, minimizing unnecessary treatments, and reducing waste due to the treatment of misdiagnosed conditions.


MORE Health’s Co-Diagnosis Process is a collaborative approach to diagnosis that puts the patient at the center of the process-empowering them to make informed decisions regarding their healthcare. Offering all the benefits of a second opinion, the service ensures that the attending doctor and the expert physician specialist are aligned through their proprietary, GDPR- and HIPPA-compliant digital platform, thus minimizing errors while also resolving potential conflicts regarding the diagnosis and treatment plan developed.


MORE Health has over 10,000 U.S. Physicians under contract and works with leading academic medical centers. Read more about MORE Health Physician Specialists. MORE Health provides second opinions for serious illness such as surgery, cardiology, oncology, urology, gynecology, neurology, pediatrics and more. Within the provider network is the largest network of cancer specialists from the nation’s top cancer centers.


Introducing MORE Health for Kids. Led by Dr. Jonathan Finlay, Pediatrician-in-Chief of MORE Health for Kids and world-renowned pediatric-oncologist, MORE Health for Kids provides parents the ability to make the best healthcare decisions for their families. With second opinions delivered virtually, parents do not have to endure additional office visits to receive a second opinion from the nation’s leading children’s hospitals. MORE Health for Kids is included in the Member + Family rate.


Headquarters: San Mateo, CA




For Self-Insured Groups


MORE Health for Kids

Optum Credit Balance Resolution

Optum provides Credit Balance services to resolve hospital and health system credit balance account inventories to recover overpayments and prevent future errors.  Optum helps identify the procedural and system issues that create credit balances to identify opportunities to prevent future overpayments. Their detailed root-cause error documentation allows plans and providers to change processes that create ongoing incorrect claims.


Hospitals respect and appreciate the assistance Optum provides in diligently working to resolve credit balance accounts. This allows your providers to focus their staff and resources without having to spend additional dollars on auditing staff.


 The multi-tiered recovery solution from Optum® is a relationship-oriented approach that reconciles existing errant claims while meeting cost-containment goals. As a health care technology company, Optum utilizes strong relationships with providers and health plans to collect 65 percent of overpaid claims and close the remaining 35 percent, saving your entity time and resources.


As a member of the National Labor Alliance of Health Care Coalitions, the CPHCC Optum Credit Balance program offers significantly lower pricing than what an individual public agency or pool would otherwise have access to on their own. 




Optum Perks Pharmacy Discount Card

As a member of the National Labor Alliance of Health Care Coalitions, CPHCC brings you the Optum Perks Discount card.  It is a free prescription discount card pre-loaded with coupons for most FDA-approved medications available at over 64,000 pharmacies. Individuals can save up to 80% on their medications in lieu of insurance.


To use the discount program, the CPHCC NLA Optum Perks card must be presented when filling a prescription.  Optum Perks cannot be combined with insurance. Most of the time, insurance has lower drug costs. The cost of medication is usually cheaper with a prescription insurance plan because populations of insured people are different, and therefore, have different mixes of the medication within their population. Sometimes a prescription discount card can offer a better price through negotiation. With both options available, you can choose which is right for you.


Visit for more information.

VSP Group Plan

VSP believes that innovation belongs in vision benefits. That’s why they look for new ways to make your life easier while providing groundbreaking benefits that your employees will love. With cutting-edge services and their extensive network of VSP doctors, you can be sure that employees are getting the highest quality care – now and in the future.The CPHCC VSP group vision program is one of the largest self-funded vision pools in California and offers comprehensive coverage, with flexible benefit plan designs at the lowest administrative rate that VSP offers in California.







VSP Individual Plan

CPHCC is pleased to partner with VSP® to offer two Individual Vision Plans to your non-benefit eligible employees and their family members.  The good news is there’s no administration on the part of the benefit pool, benefit administrator, or district personnel.  We just ask that you tell your employees this great benefit is available.   


Now substitutes teachers, classified part-time staff, part-time cafeteria workers, instructional aids, bus drivers, adjunct faculty, retirees with no vision coverage and others without vision coverage can purchase a VSP plan for themselves and their families.    

To view the enrollment website, click the link below:


CPHCC is a member of the following organizations:


National Labor Alliance of Health Care Coalitions, Inc.

The NLAHCC is a non-profit national organization of labor management health and welfare coalitions representing purchasers of health services, working together to increase value in services and benefits for participating member coalitions.


The National Labor Alliance of Health Care Coalitions works with its member coalitions and its Product Development committee to form strategic partnerships and alliances with organizations which provide advantages in service, quality and cost to participating funds.





California Health Care Coalition

The California Health Care Coalition is a non-profit organization consisting of public and private-sector employers, unions and trust funds determined to improve healthcare quality and control costs without losing benefits. The mission of the CHCC is to bring employers, unions, and health and welfare trusts together to increase accountability for the quality of care we receive and control the accompanying cost.




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